Random Thoughts on August 14, 2010

My favorite question is, “How was your day?”

If you say “I am having a good day.”, I think that you might be doing something you like to do. I know that will mean that you will be on an upward spiral towards being healthier, wealthier, and wiser!

People who like their jobs do the best work.

People who like their jobs make the greatest impact.

People who like their jobs are flexible and resilient—are able to change.

One person does make a difference. You are different from everyone else. That means you are unique and that makes you significant.

I love rebels. I also love heretics. Rebels and heretics seem to make the rules rather than follow the rules. Rebels are agents of change. Change is the risk worth taking.

Talent is limited or expanded by self-image. Self-image multiplied by Support (environment and relationships) added to Intention will increase Success. All of those factors will be divided by the ways in which you manage your Time and your Energy. To the level that all these factors are positive, you will experience success; to the level that any factor is negative, your success will be diminished.

The spiral of Consciousness: From Asleep to Aware to Awake to Alive to Attracting to Allowing to Authenticity. Spirals expand up and out. Your greatest expansion will come through your Authenticity. We create from our authenticity. Consciousness is the creative force channeled through one single individual. Imagination is the springboard of consciousness and imagination is the root of creation.

You are unique and you are significant. There is no other like you. You came here to make a contribution that only you can make. The world is a better place because you are here.

The shape of things to come: We will move from triangles to circles in our meetings in the future. Future business meetings will be not so much pyramidal as horizontal and circular, with leaders sitting in every position on the circle. That means you are a leader of one. You have a sphere of influence. You really do make a difference!

Circle meetings are the wave of the future. They will be positively convened and facilitated, with all voices heard; everyone talking and/or listening; respect for time and topic; and creativity encouraged. Circle meetings foster creativity, inviting all the minds to show up, listen up, open up, grow up, lighten up, wise up, link up, and offer up.

I am thinking about the differences between a crowd and a tribe. Wondering what you think? Leading the tribe is very different from marketing to the crowd. Leading the tribe requires vision. What does marketing to the crowd require?  What is your vision?  Your vision is your self expression.  This is the uniqueness of one human being.  Each is a whole universe with incredible genius, original vision, and divine determination.  Whether the tribe is a tribe of one (yourself), or a corporation, it is your vision that supplies the leadership.  So, the same old questions need to be asked, “Who are you?” and “What can you be?”

“How was YOUR day?”  is the question that can start the process of discovery of your true self.