To my readers:  I have had the privilege of participating in several “Tribal Gatherings” at InterfaceFlor in LaGrange, Georgia.  These gatherings are led by Amy Lukken, who introduces herself as a “Joyologist.”  Dayna Baumeister teaches them Biomimicry, learning how nature creates.  The audience is made up of leaders in the various segments served by Interface.  They come from far and wide and are talented folks in many fields.  Architects, designers, technical people are some of our guests.  They come not really knowing what the gathering is all about.  Some have described it as a “think tank” and it is that but it also becomes much, much more.  The recent one was held February 8-10, 2011 with focus on the people who are involved in multiple family housing.  My part in the meeting is to introduce them to our Strengths-Based Culture.  The following is what I say at the beginning:


“You have come here to be in community.Tribes were also formed into communities.These three days away from your regular, normal life are dedicated to creating something for the future that wants to emerge.You will be a part of a community of people who have talents, skills, and knowledge.Individually, you hold great promise; collectively you can change the world.You can become a culture of collaborative creatives.The C words, Community, Collaboration, Creativity, Circles, Change, Curiosity—form the structure for this brief experiment in social sustainability that will mark this moment out of time.