Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life,”  was self published first in 1976.  She has gone on to create her own publishing house, Hay House, and is a radiant being of light in the world.  Every time I have seen her, there is a presence that is palpable from any distance.  She exudes love.  The following words are on the last page of this valuable book and I have copied them into this page so that I will read them often and remember the power of love: Read more...

In the Interest of Self Change

Choose What I Say
(aka The Word Song)
Music and Lyrics by Kit Holmes

Words give us poems, lyrics and rhymes
Novels and lines from a play
On rocks and on pages, all through the ages
We’ve tried to express the same way

Words are the seeds that made you and me
And gave us our nights and our days
So I carefully, consciously, willingly, thoughtfully, lovingly
Choose what I say