September 7, 2010 GETTING OLDER

Woke up with clear vision in my left eye. The Cataract surgery really worked! Dr. Richard Berkowitz is a consummate professional with perfectionistic standards. I love a surgeon who is a perfectionist and I have great admiration for Dr. Berkowitz. Seeing colors is a new joy. He had promised I would see better and, indeed, that promise has been fulfilled. One side effect, I see my own wrinkles clearer. I really am old! I see my Mother’s aging face when I look in the mirror and realize that I am in the last twenty years of this life. Much to think about. It is ironic that we are addressing this very issue at our next Tribal gathering at InterfaceFlor, Inc. We are inviting a group of architects, designers, and end users to come and create a future that wants to emerge re senior living possibilities.

There is a new day coming. That day will include all the baby boomers seeking senior living places. The Eden Alternative is a good model for the coming age when we will live past 100 years. We will learn that there is value in being; not just value for doing. We will understand the reason for so-called dementia and other diseases of aging.  We will honor the cross-over phase of life from body to spirit.  We will get it that our bodies are temporary homes for the spirit of each individual.

Seeing is such a divine sense.  I have gratitude for seeing at many levels.