February 26, 2010


My new life, created daily, moment by moment, is dedicated to Joy, Happiness, and all the 8 directions in my Life-Long Compass of Joy. These guide-posts are at the 8 direction points: SE, I think about the Joy of Existence itself and I make my intention to “Show Up”; NW, the subject is the Joy of Compassionate Caring and the intention is to “Listen Up”; SW, I imagine the Joy of Creativity and determine to “Open Up”; NE, the Joy of Evolving where I resolve to “Grow Up”; W, the point is to play and have fun, and to “Lighten Up”; E, the Joy of learning and I continue to “Wise Up”; N is the Joy of loving and I “Link Up”; and to the South, the Joy of Work where I “Offer Up”. Read more...

02/07/10: YOU AS LEADER

You As Leader

I have been thinking about this idea today.  Think of all the people in your life that you would label “Leader”…..

Next, describe how you think they are doing.  Go for the best praise and the lowest criticism for each one of them.  Take time to do this and be as honest as you can in your assessment of each one. Read more...