September 13, 2010 Reading List

We cherish our mornings here at 686 Clear Springs Hollow, Elm Grove Subdivision, Buda, Texas.  Today, we had broiled grapefruit, an apple, coffee and tea and the weekly bowlfull of vitamins and supplements.  Then we have the luxury of reading to each other as our choice of starting the morning.  Today, we are reading from these books,

  • Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling by Wayne Dyer
  • The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra
  • KickAss Creativity by Mary Beth Maziarz
  • Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care by G. Allen Power, MD
  • Reconnecting With Nature: Wellness Through Restoring Your Bond With the Earth by Michael J. Cohen, Ed. D.
  • The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn (thanks to Elaine Mayfield for finding this little jewel)
  • Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin

Someone asked me, “Do you really read all these books?”  Actually, my Daddy asked me that in the 1970’s when he saw the new bookshelves I built in our Kingsville home, and their burgeoning load  of books.  My answer was then and still is that they are like good friends.  Some of them I cultivate, others I get to know lightly, and some I move away from without ever finishing.  So, from my past book collections, I gathered readings on learning theory, brain theories, many forms of psychotherapy, and ultimately have meandered my way toward positive psychology, Strengths Development, Quantum theories, and consciousness.  Out of these readings have come new ways of thinking.  So, as I learned from Joseph Campbell, I accepted my right to “follow my bliss”.  I learn what I am curious about; I pursue interesting theories until I am satiated or reach my own level of competence; and along the way, I have these bookshelves full of great old “friends.”

I used my new I-Pad on our train trip recently, enjoying Pride and Prejudice (free download) and feeling good about not turning on the overhead light as all the other passengers slept and I enjoyed my book.  Not sure that I still don’t want the feel of holding a printed volume but with the Kindle, I-Pad and other digital means, perhaps I won’t need to keep building more bookcases?