Honoring my fascination with dreams, I learned a good method of working with them from the writings of Robert Johnson, Jungian analyst and author of many wonderful books.  He wrote “ He,” “She,” and “We.”  He said that his book, Inner Work, might have been called “It.”  I love his books and had the privilege of seeing him in person at the Jung Center in Houston, Texas many years ago.  I keep journals of my dreams and search for the meaning to me personally but also sometimes receiving deep meaning from the great Source energy.   Read more...

Shamanic Sound Bath

Ready for some joy? Ready for heart music? Ready for peace?

Experience a Shamanic Journey through sound and music

Wednesday, June 1, 2022. 1:00 – 4:00pm. $30 (bring your own yoga mat). Buda, TX.

Details subject to change.

Call Marj at 512-879-7658 to register.

The Icaros Experience, a profound Shamanic sound journey, will be presented and experienced on (date, time place).  Flicka Rahn will present the music of Icaros for a meditation experience of crystal singing bowls, Indian flutes, warm synth harmonies and tuning forks. The music of Flicka is a transformative experience as the sounds of the crystal singing bowls reflect the ancient elements found in healing music the world over.  Additionally,  Flicka uses instruments that have been tuned to A 432 which has been recognized as an ancient tuning method that allows sound to be profoundly therapeutic and aligned with Sacred Geometry. Read more...