My Current Favorite Books

for relationships, (by Harville Hendrix)
Getting The Love You Want

Keeping The Love You Find

Receiving Love

for conscientious parents, (by Hendrix and Hunt)
Giving The Love That Heals

for Strengths Coaches:

Positive Psychology Coaching (by Deiner and Dean)


I last saw my beloved cousin on July 29, 2007 at her home in Amarillo. We were there for our grandson’s wedding so I was privileged to see her and say goodbye. Wistie died on Haloween. Her funeral at First Baptist Church in Amarillo was a time of great family love and connection. This is the letter I wrote in July before her death in October. Fortunately, she responded to it and we had a loving conversation by telephone. I still miss her and I treasure our time together. Read more...


These skills are worth learning. I used them for many years in my work with couples. They may seem easy at first glance, yet my experience is that they need to be practiced with some deep dedication. You will never go wrong when you mirror their words; grasp the meaning; and understand the feelings. Try it. I predict you will like the benefit.
Listen and reflect every word someone says. Do it sincerely and naturally. Prove you heard all their words. Say back to them, “If I heard you correctly, you said_______” Ask, “Did I get it?” If they say yes, ask, “Is there more?” If they say no, ask them to tell you again. Keep reflecting until you know through their words, body posture, eyes, and facial expression, that they believe you have heard them accurately. Read more...


May 16-18, 2008

For smart, quick, spirited women who are looking for a weekend away from a busy and full daily life. If you are interested in your own growth, your self-awareness, your life purpose, and if you want to do that in an atmosphere of fun, light, love, and laughter, then please do join us. Read more...

Our long-awaited appointment with Joe Vitale

One of the best gifts ever came to us on March 4, 2008, when we had an audience with Dr. Joe Vitale. The gift was from a friend of the long road. We knew it was an very expensive gift because Dr. Vitale does not take private appointments any more. We arrived at his country home near Wimberley, TX at our appointed time to be met at the front porch by both Joe and his love, Nerissa. Joe was barefoot which set the tone for a lovely, informal, friendly visit around their kitchen table. If you read his blog post, you will notice that his version of the visit placed emphasis on our gratitude, which was very real and very sincere. The effect on Paul and me was pure magic in a different direction. They gave far more than we did. Both Nerissa and Joe are 5-star listeners, which is the top ranking I can give when someone really does connect with what I say and what I mean. Read more...