For My Friends at Unity of Wimberley

Here are the “Get Happy” Cards for your use.  I will leave them on the website until June 1, 2012.  Enjoy!




I created these cards to help you “Get Happy”.

My own life is my proof that happiness is really a choice.  It is not so much based on “happenings” from the outside, as it is based on our internal choices.  We do, actually, have a choice of what we believe, what we think, what we feel, and what we do.  We have a choice of response to every stimuli that comes to us.  Awareness of each of those components is the doorway to growth of consciousness.  It all shows up in the way we live our life story every day and in every way.  If you are unhappy, I have a sincere desire to offer a way to change.  Please read on….. Read more...