Most of my friends know I am a “bookoholic”.  I have a serious addiction to learning and books are my drug of choice.  So, I will tell you today (September 6, 2013) what I am reading


Shift Happens, by Robert Holden, is a wonderful book to help you start living an inspired life right now.  He has more than fifty short chapters in this little book.  He said that when his waiting list reached over 100 people, he decided to write this as a way of helping people until his time permitted a private appointment.  I find each chapter is a real treat, starting with chapter one–Happiness is an inner light with no off switch.  My book came with a CD of one of his presentations and I have played it again and again because he is funny and very brilliant.  Holden started the Happiness Project in England in the 90s.  His next book (I already have it on my I-Pad) is also marvelous.  It is Loveability.  I am eager for his promised daily meditation guide, Holy Shift, and will buy it the minute it is on the market. Read more...