I received this idea from reading Laurence Hillman’s description of an upcoming Mythodrama, which Paul and I are attending in September. Turning that inside critical voice into an inner Strengths Coach is a novel and exciting idea. Try it! You might like it! Next time you find yourself silently berating yourself, scolding or putting yourself down, STOP! Yes, you can stop thoughts. Take charge of the thought and ask what would you do if you were coaching someone who was saying those things about him or herself? You can change the direction of your inner dialogue. That negative self-talk is not helpful to you. It will never bring you to your greatness or your best version of yourself. That negative voice is the one thing that is guaranteed to keep your self image in the mode of “I am not enough”.

The challenge is to cultivate the positive self coach within. Ask what you like about yourself and get real about your true talented essence of soul–your real self. Notice when your day is going well and be the inner coaching voice that inspires you to create more good days like that. Remember your clock of awareness: Beliefs-Thoughts-Feelings-Behavior. You can deliberately choose to believe in your own positive development; your thoughts will then align with positive inner strengths coaching; your feelings will reflect the new thought path; and your behavior will reflect the good feelings. Behavior shows up in your body; feelings are the emotional flow (energy in motion); thoughts are your mind in action; and beliefs are the basis of your spiritual existence. Each of these four corners need rest and relaxation, sustenance and food, attention and focus. Your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit call for attention. You are your own creator.  So, today is a good day to fire your inner critic and hire an inner STRENGTHS COACH!