THE WIZARD OF US by Dr. Jean Houston

Dr. Jean Houston is someone I admire.   We (Paul and I) are now studying her new book, The Wizard of Us, and I am re-living all those wonderful times when we were part of Jean’s creation, The Possible Society.  We were Dorothy with magic ruby red slippers, following the yellow brick road, and reaching for our own courage, heart, and brain.  We really were not in Kansas any more!


Jean’s work is so provocative, so much fun, and so personal that it has been a sustaining form of development and growth for me since my first workshop with her in Kingsville, TX in 1980 when she was the presenter for our program, Kaleidoscope.   I have learned so much in such enjoyable ways from her books, workshops, and mystery schools.


I want to share with you her process for creating your own Manifestation Plan.  From chapter 10, pages 188 to 198, here are her words, sent with love from me, for your ongoing growth and development:


Jean wrote:

“Quantum physics has discovered something that mystics have long known:  that our perception of the universe actually evokes the very universe that is observed.  If we change the way we view the Universe, the Universe itself spontaneously reflects this change back to us, as the Universe is not separate from our perception of it.  This means that our creative imagination is truly divine, in that it literally affects the very blueprint of reality.  Our divine creative imagination is the part of us through which God or Cosmic Mind or the Universe imagines this world into being.  Please remember that we live in a quantum universe of open-ended potential in each and every moment.  We are partners in what is being dreamed up.  How our Universe manifests depends on how we individually and collectively dream it into reality.  Real power, then, is in the viewing—how we decide to experience the Universe.  You are truly the Wizard of this new era on Earth.


Ask yourself, What do I choose to experience?  What do I choose to create, and how can I make it happen?  My friend and longtime teaching associate Peggy Rubin and I created an effective thirteen-step Manifestation Plan to help you in achieving the next phase in your particular grand design.  It follows the letters of the alphabet.  Step into your role as a creative Wizard  and make up your own steps for the last thirteen letters.


So, I invite you to follow Jean’s and Peggy’s plan for your intentions, as you plan your future.  Paul and I have created an altar on which we are doing what they suggest.  My project is “Pocket Grandmother” and Paul’s project is “The Solid Gold child.”   Here is the process to follow.




Refer to The Wizard of Us, pp.188-193


A is for Altar.  Create a sacred space, an altar for this intention.  Dedicate both the altar and your work perhaps in the way that Buddhists do:  for the enlightenment of all sentient beings.  Or whatever feels appropriate to you.


B is for Blessing.  Find some way of noting with appreciation all that has gone before, and create bouquets of gratitude for all that you have learned, see, witnessed, and done.  Place representations of this gratitude on your altar.


C is for Call Out.  State aloud your intention, your gratitude for the past, and your dedication.  Find or create something that represents this intention.  Place it in the center of your altar.  Your statement may take the form of a prayer, or you may want to state the intention and then ask for that Great Source to assist you in manifesting the intention.  Feed the words into your body energy as colors and fragrances and kinesthetic knowings, as well as resounding vibrational sounds.  As time goes on, move the intention into present tense and hear the words as already accomplished.


D is for Dedicated Discernment.  See mentors or beings whose life work has felt similar to yours.  Note the differences, if any, between them and you.  From these differences, notice what you want to change or work with.  Notice what you need.  Take a personal inventory of those traits that will assist you in fulfilling your goals.  Note the things you think will impede or stop you.  Find other people who have managed to work through or transcend similar blocks and use their strategies to solve your own challenges.  Ask for help in the subtle energy realms.  Ask for help from the Great Source Energy to remove the impediments or burn through them.  Place images of your mentors on your altar; read about them; study them.  Whenever appropriate, use them as examples and act as they do or did.  Be willing to change the attitudes and beliefs you hold that hinder you from fulfilling your desired goal.


E is for Envision and Enact.  Create rich inner imagery of your task using all of your senses and your body’s movement.  What does your project look like?  Smell like?  Taste like?  Feel like?  Sound like?  Add as many rich details as you can.  Think about it from every angle.  Picture yourself doing the work of each task through to completion.  Engage all of your powers in imaging how the world will have changed and been enhanced by your work when the task is finished.  See help of every kind coming to you and bringing to you everything that is needed.  Feel the heavenly powers saying yes! to you because what you are creating is for the good of all.  Concretize the images by putting in pictures or drawings of the world—and yourself—and when the task is finished, these images also go on your altar.


F is for Focusing.  Fuel for the Fire, and for Friends.  Join a prayer group or a focus group with friends to work together on bringing in the Higher Power, and also for practical assistance.  Friends can help to see you achiving things you may not have dreamed you could do.  Hang in there with your desires.  Be willing to shift and adjust your goal if need be.  Boost each other’s spirits.  Know that the fires may be reduced to embers once in a while, but make sure they don’t go out altogether.  Pay attention to the things that feed your energy and to those things that drain you.  Do more of the first and none of the latter.  Place notes with your friends’ goals on your altar alongside yours.  Add things that keep you desiring and moving toward achieving your own goal.


G is for Get Going Gracefully.  Know that the journey itself is every bit as important as the accomplishment of your goal; it may, in fact, be the accomplishment.  Tapping into both the left and the right sides of your glorious brain, use your favorite form—list-making, flow charts, mind maps, or gestalt-planning—to create a step-by-step plan.  Know that unexpected adventures will pop up to change everything as you go along.  Trust that the Great Power will use your energy and effort to create something more stupendous and more eternal than you dared dream; know that you will have visitations of grace as well as grit.  Think about steps you can take every day, and take the first step now.  Naturally, the plan goes on your altar.  Notice how everything on your altar may change as time changes.


H is for Homework and Hang in There.  The brain stays alive as we keep learning.  What things can you learn that will help you achieve this intention?  What studies call you that are related to your goal?  What are things you want to know though they may seem completely unrelated to your goal but will keep you refreshed and surprised by joy on the journey?  Keep a record of your learning on your altar.  Dedicate your studies to the same beings you have asked to assist you with your intention.


I is for Intensity.  I heard a wise woman say that one of the purposes for the ancient tradition of adolescent initiation for girls was to prepare them to give everything when it was required.  She was relating this specifically to giving birth, but I think it’s applicable to all our lives.  In our modern culture we are not trained to give everything—all of our attention, our absolute focus, our power, our willingness, our presence, our talent, our skill, our energy—for as long as it takes to get the job done.  And we are not trained to do all of that with the knowledge that we might lose all in the process,  but also knowing that the more we devote all that we have, the more alive we are in the moment.  I think that may be why war has been so attractive in the past.  Soldiers were trained to devote their all to the cause, while those at home felt that they were participating by giving their all to the cause as well.  We need to train ourselves in such dedication without war.  That takes practice.  What is more worthy of your giving all than the next phase of your life’s work?  The unique expression of your soul’s purpose?  Give of yourself unstintingly and generously to your purpose.


J is for Joy, Jokes, and Just Letting Go.  Too much heavy seriousness spoils the journey to achievement.  Too much attachment to the outcome skews the process to one of unremitting labor and vast efforts to push the river.  Cartoons, jokes, and many moments of laughter also go into every meeting of your allies and friends, and on your altar.  Cultivate a sense of physical joy in every step along the path and then send that joy to those around you.


K is for Keeping Konscious while you Keep on Keeping On.  Choose to spend more time in prayer consciousness or moment-to-moment, wide-awake awareness so that each decision has a new aliveness to it.  Become more and more aware of how each choice you make in life sends out ripples that affect the world around you.


L is for Lightness, Love, and Lingering Laughter.  This twelfth step to getting where you want to be reminds you to dance through the process of creation with ease, generating more love for yourself as you go and basking in the love of others.  In the process of moving toward your goals and remembering their purpose, your purpose, and the Highest Good, you meet many new people who may become friends.  You generate new ideas and find so many things to chew on and delight yourself that when you finally arrive at your goal, you find yourself in a better, greener world.


M is for the Mind of God Made Manifest.  The thirteenth step takes you to the place you have been aiming for.  This is the place where the Mind of God has expressed itself through you, has been made manifest in a fresh and unique  way.  Celebrate! Make merry! You are doing amazing things.

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  1. What a delightful “alphabet” to practice. The paths of empowerment are many. No doubt this one has been oft traveled both by the innocent and the wise. Thanks for sharing, Marj. You are young because you’ve never forgotten what it’s like to live with joy and passion.

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