Caring Grandmothers



Here’s what I want to say to you today:


Would you like to have a fairie Grandmother in your pocket?  Sort of like your keys, your money, and your hankerchief?  She is in there waiting until you need to start something (with your keys); buy something (with your money, which is inexhaustible); or blow your nose and wipe your tears (with your handkerchief).


She is interested in your answer to these questions:  What do you want to start?  What do you want to buy?  Where and when do you need to express your emotions with tears or a runny nose?


Grandmother, in the highest form, exists for you when you are lonely, tired, discouraged, or sad.  Grandmothers are Wise Old Women just waiting to hear from your inside self.   She listens and she responds, not always knowing what you need to do or decide.  BUT,  she does know how to help you explore all your questions; she knows how to guide your thinking into creation rather than reaction: and she helps you believe in your own wisdom.  You are deeply wise and you can reach right down to your toe-nails, pulling up solutions that are just right for your journey down your path.  Grandmother knows about your hero’s journey for she has been on a few such journeys herself.  She understands the call to adventure and the road of trials.  She understands finding the boon or the helper who will show the way.  She can be your friend, for she believes you will learn and grow and bring your contribution back to your world.


When Grandmothers show up, there is safety.  You can turn to Grandmother for comfort.  These Wise Old Women have lived long enough to know that happiness is a choice and good health depends on what your mind believes.  She has lived one more generation than your parents so she has watched them and now knows life is not so serious.  She knows the value of a light heart and deep belly laughter.  She understands the power of eye to eye contact.  She really grasps the power of love.


Wise old women are out there for you to find.  Look to them for support and tender loving care.  Find yourself a caring Grandmother and put her in your pocket.


You should be so lucky!  or smart!  or wise!


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