TAMA-DO, The Way of the Soul

In the year 2000, Paul was visiting after the service at All Saints Episcopal Church in Corpus Christi, where we were members.  The choir director, Arlene Long, was telling us she was going to France to study a healing method, using sound, color, and movement.  She was enthusiastic and her description of the instruments, the methods and the teachings of Fabien Maman made me ask if she thought it might help Paul’s hearing loss.  She said it might do that, at which point we pointed to Paul and said, “You are going to France!”  He went, with five women, for the two weeks of level one training.  He came back with renewed life, vigor, and seemed to be able to hear much better.  We invited Fabien and his partner, Terres Unsoeld, to come to Corpus Christi for classes that we offered.  Terres taught healing using color and flower essences.  Alice Bailey’s Seven Rays are integral in her methods.   Fabien is from a lineage of rabbis, so he includes the tree of life (the Sefirot), he also connects all life from eight stars to the cells in our bodies.  His story starts with his career as a jazz guitarist.  He and his band were on tour and arrived in Tokyo, exhausted and weary.  They asked the hotel to arrange for the band members to get massages and were sent an acupuncturist instead.  After the acupuncture  treatment, they were so revived, played so brilliantly, and continued their tour in high health that Fabien decided to leave his music career and go to China to study acupuncture.  His methods are based in Chinese medicine.  This means the study of the subtle bodies, all the meridians that are the pathways of energy in the body, and the command points where traditional acupuncturists use needles.  Fabian integrated all this with the science of pure sound, Kototama.  As a result, his methods use the command points with tuning forks instead of needles.  I quickly add that we have only scratched the surface of what is to be learned and we have studied this for more than ten years now.


Fabian did kirlian photography with cells and discovered that the healthy ones showed up pink in the photos. His work with cancer cells responding to the vibrational stimulation has not been replicated, but it is impressive to learn about and makes logical sense.  Our molecular structures in our bodies are vibrating, as it is with all matter.  We now know that atoms and even smaller particles (quarks, nutrinos etc) are vibrational.  Further, there seems to be a tone created by the vibration.  This being so, it makes sense that illness might respond to the vibrational energy of sound.  And, Fabien has proven that with thousands of his subjects who have been healed.  Each one of us has our own tone, the planet earth has a tone, and the spectrum of energy vibration is so vast that everything is part of it.  Starting with matter that appears solid, moving upward with 50 octaves of sound that can be heard, and moving into the color spectrum, the vibrationsal field is well, it is everything.  Everything is vibrational.  When we are sick, we are “out of tune.”


We are spiritual bodies, with a physical form, an etheric-aural field which might be called the emotional body, a mental body, a causal body, a Buddhic body, and finally Atman.  We heal the physical body through touch and movement, the emotional body responds to sound, and the mental body can be healed through color.  That is much too simplistic but is sort of the essence of his method.


What we discovered has brought much joy and wellness into our daily living.  Our practice includes his version of Qi Gong.  We purchased a set of chimes which hang above our massage table and can relieve stress in the most dramatic way.  We also have the colored scarves, the lights and color gells, placed over a stage light,  that can bathe the body in color.  Add the flower essences and you have a picture of what we learned.


We returned to France for more study.  Paul took level two and I studied level one.  Another year we returned to France for two weeks of shamanic training.   In the process, I came to know that I know very little.  Chinese medicine would take a very long time to learn.  The art of doing the pulses alone is something that I found difficult to do.  Yet, I am glad we learned as much as we did and that we can apply it to our daily living.  If my body is hurting or sick, I know that therapeutic touch and movement will bring it to good health.  If my emotions are upset or negative, I know that I can “change the music” and my mood will change.  If my mental state is down, I know that color will revive it.  The flower essences are an ally to aid my increased awareness and awakening.