This is a big day here at our house. From my little bedroom office, I am processing book orders. For the first time ever, I am selling my books online. I am sure that words like “web” and “net” are indicative of our being linked up with one another. I am so old that I have experienced the power shift in our system of communication from the United States Postal Service to the World-Wide Web. I appreciate the miracle of the internet and the ease with which we can contact one another.


That means that I can be on your mailing list, if you so desire, and I can offer you my books, my writing, my “get happy” cards (when they are finished) and many other possibilities for being connected. Please browse the offerings and do let me know if you want to un-subscribe since you were placed on my list because we have had some sort of contact in the past.


I invite you to share three thoughts with me today. First, for the first time in recorded history, women are ready for parity—equal rights—equal value, and a real entry into world leadership. Women are on the rise. Women are being talked about. By men. And by all the pundits. I hope you remember President’s Week in the year 2012. It is a significant picture of the real turning point and may be the tipping point in which women reach equal power in our country. This was the week when the man brought up that old joke about birth control. I heard it 50 years ago. The best means of cheap birth control, he said, was aspirin…….held between a woman’s knees. That was funny in 1950 but it was something else in February, 2012.


The second thought is that women can explore possibilities, even whole careers, after menopause. We are living longer and we are not just the means by which the human race keeps evolving (by being mothers, only). So, whether or not you choose to have children, you are ready to join the world at large with your mind, your contribution, and your influence.


And third, we are hooked up. Linked up. Connected at the speed of the internet. Our world of work is reflecting this. My work is done on the phone, through the internet by means of I-Chat, e-mail, webinars, or Skype. And, now I am selling books and other products on this incredible new-age marvel—the internet. Perhaps we are experiencing our version of Indra’s Net? You can Google that and prove my point about everything being hooked up.


I trust you will make use of these three vast changes for you as a Possible Woman in the twenty-first century: 1) You are equal in value and power, fully partnered and reaching parity; 2) You have a long life-time to assert your influence and make your contribution; and 3) You are now easily connected to the whole Earth population.