“Shades of Dionysus!”

Another Thosanustra Moment
On July 14, 2003
1001 The Cliff House in Corpus Christi, TX

waiting for hurricane Claudette, which never really showed up.

Just had a shower and am sitting at Mother’s little white desk, thinking about her death in January of this year. These words came like a stream of consciousness:


It is time to pick the grapes again in
Mother’s little vineyard in Kingsland, Texas

Helen has picked a few and made them into jelly

Paul wants to make some into wine

When did wine become serious and jelly become righteous?

Was it when Hestia left Mount Olympus and was replaced by Dionysus?

Wasn’t he was the god of wine and playfulness?

Bacchus in the Roman tradition?

If we make the grapes into jelly, Mother will smile and we will
Be right with God, on our way to Heaven
If we make the grapes into wine, Daddy will say that
A little wine might make us feel better

(like he did that day in Ralls, when he bought the
Mogen David for his sister, Jimmie.

Ed, Mother, and I arrived after attending Cindy Kiker’s wedding, only to
To find him and Jimmie drinking the Mogen David out of coffee cups.
Daddy sheepishly said he thought it would be “good for her”)

This all has something to do with Music and Miracles,
There is music when we lighten up and feel good
Miracles are around the corner somewhere in the house of perception
Transformations do happen when perception changes
Is the end really inherent in the means?
So what process is being followed, love or fear?

Grape juice served at the Lord’s Supper and three year old Kaye asks,

“Can I have some of that Kool-Aid?” She is told, not until you join the church.

Wine served at Holy Eucharist

And children are allowed to sip the wine.

(Drew McNeely, our great-nephew proudly announce that he had real wine at the “PushKaPipple Church)

Which is the right one? What is the good thing?
There’s a chord in there somewhere if we can only find it.
Laughter, lightness of being or somber, heavy serious thinking?
Sermons full of judgment and predictions

All about “good” behavior and not much about God as Love
The sounds of preachers, or priests sermonizing followed by singing

A New Hymn of Gladness

“Jelly is good, wine is bad,
Grape juice is better, fermented makes you glad.

And we all know that glad can turn sad,

oh yes glad can turn sad.”

Minds are not for changing through substances
Minds are for judging
Judge not lest ye be judged?

Water must flow or it becomes stale

Spirit must flow or it becomes dogma

Transform the water into wine
Make the wine into jelly
Then we can all go home, free at last!

A joke from long ago said, the sermon ended with the words,

“Let’s just throw all the alcohol in the river!!

Now, everybody please stand and

join together as we sing our closing hymn,

Shall we Gather At the River?!”