My Current Favorite Books

for relationships, (by Harville Hendrix)
Getting The Love You Want

Keeping The Love You Find

Receiving Love

for conscientious parents, (by Hendrix and Hunt)
Giving The Love That Heals

for Strengths Coaches:

Positive Psychology Coaching (by Deiner and Dean)

How Full Is Your Bucket? (by Tom Rath)

StrengthsFinder 2.0 (by Tom Rath)

Vital Friends (by Tom Rath)

Authentic Happiness (by Martin Seligman)

Now, Discover Your Strengths (by Donald O. Clifton and M. Buckingham)

for managers:

First, Break All The Rules (by Buckingham and Coffman)

The One Thing You Need To Know (by Marcus Buckingham)

12–The Elements of Great Managing (Wagner and Harter)

Presence (by Peter Senge and others)

Theory U (by Otto Scharmer)

for anyone wanting to organize “stuff” at the office, home, and life:

Getting Things Done (by David Allen)

For personal self growth and goal achievement:

All the Abraham-Hicks books (especially “The Amazing Power of Intention”)

For women who want to understand feminine psychology:

Goddesses in Everywoman (by Jean Shinoda Bolen)

The Millionth Circle (by Bolen)

Crones Don’t Whine (by Bolen)

by Alice O. Howell:

The Dove in the Stone

Jungian Symbolism in Astrology

The Web in the Sea

Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs and Ages