(Posted on July 30, 2008)

Do you ever wake in the night and get caught in circular thinking? Are you ever facing a trip, a presentation, a big event and find that, even though you need to sleep, you cannot turn it off? Does your mind turn on an inner critic in the night?

I have learned a few tricks for such a time. Today, I will share one that works every time for me. It is a carry over from my hypnosis training but, since we all are living in “trance”, you can tame your mind with this kind of thought.  You can memorize my words, write your own, find some other script in a book or on the internet. You can read this into a tape recorder and play it to yourself.  Add quiet music if you like.  Do it, and you will benefit! Use a soothing voice and allow lots of pauses, so that your mind and body begin to work together for a restful night.


“I am aware of my thoughts and my body. I am not my thoughts. I am more than my thoughts.  I am not my body.  I am more than my body.   I am not my emotions.  I am more than my emotions.   I can witness my body. I can change my thoughts. I can change my emotions.

I am imagining a very safe place in nature and I can see myself going to that place for a time away. I will take myself to that safe place through my imagination. I can relax and enjoy.

I am aware of my breathing. I will now count my breaths. As I count, I will allow my body to relax.

(*Leave space on the tape for slow count and stop counting at 33 breaths. You may already have fallen asleep. Let the tape shut itself off and enjoy your sleep.   If not, keep listening.)

“My muscles are relaxing. The top of my head and all my scalp muscles are relaxing. I relax my eyelids. My eyelids are feeling heavy. All the muscles in my face are relaxed. My mouth is relaxed. My tongue and throat are relaxed. I am keeping just enough tension in my face to keep my mouth closed.  I relax and allow my body to sink into the bed.  I notice how good my body feels as it relaxes.

My chest muscles are relaxing. My body feels relaxed. I am relaxing my back. My shoulders, my arms, my elbows, forearms, wrists, and all my fingers are relaxed.

My body feels sleepy and relaxed.

I am relaxing my abdomen and all the muscles in my lower body. The relaxation is washing over me like warm sunlight on a lazy day. I can feel my body drifting into sleep. My mind is allowing my body to rest and sleep.

The relaxation is moving into my thighs, my knees, my lower legs, ankles, and my feet. Each of my ten toes is relaxed and at ease.

I can give my body respect and protection. I invite my body to sleep. My mind is relaxed. My thoughts are sleepy and slowing down. I am at ease. I am at peace. I am sleepy. Soooo sleepy. I feel relaxed and sleepy. Just drifting off to sleep. At peace. At ease. Relaxed. Sleepy. ……”

Good Night and Pleasant Dreams!