June 14, 2010: Some thoughts about us Human Beings

“The Aim and Purpose of human life is the Unitive Knowledge of God”–Aldous Huxley

“A sense of separation from God is the only lack you need correct.”–A Course in Miracles

In the book, Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhauerman, ask these questions:

“How did we get here?”  “Why are we here?”  and “Now that we are here, how can we make the best of it?”

This morning, I was looking over my writing and I seem to be thinking about these subjects.  My reading takes me to the interests that fulfill my quest for knowledge.  My curiosity is the best guide I have and I follow it as much as I am consciously aware and able to do.  So, I offer these writings for your curiosity and your quest:


It is enough to heal the past and make the future free.

It is enough to let the present be accepted as it is. ( I don’t know who wrote this…)

How did we get here?

One Celled Organism

Water creature—fish

Reaching for the land—amphibian

Reaching for the air—winged (the Condor and the Eagle…

Pacha Cuti says the condor went to the South and the Eagle flew to the north)

Early Human—mammals

Nomadic Wanderers

Farmers—Agrarian age

Technical Industrialists

Advanced Human

Why are we here?

Alice Howell describes these astrological ages.  From the big overview with no accuracy possible, but best guesses fitting the constellations.  (This is one way to look at us humans.  Fractile patterns and archetypes do seem to show up.  Consider the meaning of “As Above, So Below)

The Age of Cancer (8000-6000 BCE)

Animism; the Grandmother Earth age; Goddess Religions

The Age of Gemini (6000- 4000 BCE)

Polytheism; Duality Consciousness; Nomadic Tribes

The Age of Taurus, the Bull (4000-2000 BCE)

Both Poly and Monotheism; Ownership and territoriality; Agrarian Era (Farmers)

The Age of Aries, the Ram (2000-7 BCE)

Different Monotheistic Gods (Ramses, Brahman, Abraham); Age of Ego and Justice

The Age of Pisces, the Fish (7 BCE-1800 AD)

One God and the Great Religions (Christiantiy, Islam, Judaism) Age of Faith and Reason. Rise

of   the technical-industrial-scientific cultures.  Science takes on the same meaning as                    God for many who see reality according to scientific empirical data.

The Age of Aquarius, the water bearer (1800 AD -4000 AD)

The Individual in the Cosmos; Consciousness and Recognition of the Inner Self;

Awareness of the Life Force or Divine Guest; The Age of Universal Humanity

Questions ???

How did we get here?

Why are we here?

Now that we are here, how do we make the best of it?

Will we be Creative or Reactive? Reflect or Project in relationships? Protect or Evolve? Love or Fear? Live or Die? Laugh or Cry? Liberate or Control? Listen or Judge? Learn (curiosity) or think we Know (certainty); Leave a Legacy or Leave a Mess?

And that ends my thinking for today.  On to the laundry.