Who Am I Now?

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October 28, 2018

I have not posted here in several years.  I spent the last three years care taking my husband, Dr. Paul Barlow, who passed away July 21, 2018.  I have been working through my grief and planning my future.




My children are my real legacy.  They are the most unique, individual, incredible group of human beings that you could ever imagine.  They are creative, inventive, resourceful, reliable, responsible, loving, fun and thousands of other positive adjectives.  I have not blogged much about them  but I decided to leave them my best ideas as a legacy that they may or may not accept.   I must also add that we have four amazing great grandchildren, who call me GiGi, for Great-grandmother.  I love being grandmother to two grandsons and one granddaughter and great grandmother to four children of tomorrow. Read more...



One of the best researchers on the scene today is a woman named Brene Brown, Ph.D.,LMSW.  You can see and hear her on You-Tube or TED talks.  She is a Social Worker who has done extensive research on the negative emotion called shame.  I think she is incredibly brilliant.  She is transparent, authentic, compassionate, and very connected.  I recommend all her books, especially the latest one, published this year and entitled, “Daring Greatly.”  Shame is one of our most pervasive, dangerous negative emotions.  She has wisely suggested that the answer to shame is resilience.  We study resilience in Bio-Mimicry and I learned that resilience is nature’s answer to cycles of decay and death.  It is our natural tendency to try again following failure.  We spring back from our defeat with new courage, unless we are caught in the spiral of shame, which is a basic self belief that we are not enough. Read more...

Marion Woodman and the Feminine Principle

One of my favorite Jungian analysts and writers is Marion Woodman.  I have watched videos, read most of her books, and always enjoy what she has to say.  She wrote this article, published in O, The Oprah Magazine, which I hope you will read and enjoy.  She speaks to ideas that I hold to be true.  Thanks to Lindsay James for sharing the article.  I pass it along to my readers: Read more...


Written at 6:00 p.m. on October 13, 2010

Three subjects that reveal a person’s strengths in action:

I.  Memories from the past that are satisfying.  This includes actions, achievements, relationships, skills, or knowledge.  Ask, with what am I most satisfied or what makes me most proud? Read more...