Written at 6:00 p.m. on October 13, 2010

Three subjects that reveal a person’s strengths in action:

I.  Memories from the past that are satisfying.  This includes actions, achievements, relationships, skills, or knowledge.  Ask, with what am I most satisfied or what makes me most proud?

II.  What energizes me in the present?  What gets me going?  What inspires me?  What motivates me?

III.  Looking to the future, what feels good?  Like waiting for the gifts that come at holidays, think about the desires you have.  This includes things you want to have,  achievements you still want to do, or the positive qualities you want to be.

I have noticed that people who grow their talents into real strengths can talk about all three of these subjects with positive emotion.  I have also noticed that people who look backward to the past with regrets or needs for vengeance seem to be filled with negative emotion.  And, the ones who look forward to the future with worry or anxiety feel bad, too.  The only place we are actually happy and full of joy is right now.  The present moment is where life takes place.  Awareness of our past or future in positive visions, thoughts, and imagination is the best way to be in the path of Strengths in Action.  Living in the Strengths Path will bring you happiness and joy.  And, it can happen right now!