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January, 2015 Reading List

One of our most cherished rituals is our morning “table time.” Paul and I read to each other from several books. We close our time with meditation. It is a very good way to begin the day. Here is what we are reading this week:

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche. A good review of Buddhist teachings. I like this one better than the old one (The Tibetan Book of the Dead.)

Consolations, by David Whyte. He takes one word and gives evocative thoughts about that word. I especially liked his paragraphs on Anger. Thanks to good friend Cindy S. for the gift of this book.

Prosperity Every Day, by Julia Cameron. I still like her book, The Artist’s Way. This one is short daily readings.

The End of Power, by Moises Naim. When I read that Mark Zuckerberg had recommended this book for his book club, I wanted to read it. If you are wanting to come into the real Aquarian Age, this book will give you the picture that supports all the notions about when ‘Jupiter aligns with Mars.’ Remember Hair?

Adventures of the Soul , by James Van Praagh.   Probably his best book to date. I like the way he ‘sees.’

The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte. Thanks to Reverend Ellen D. for the recommendation. I have been using desire for a long time, rather than goals. She is talking about goals with soul. I like her style.

Here are favorites (*) that we are re-reading:

*The Wizard of Us, by Jean Houston

Jean is still my favorite teacher and the all American myth, The Wizard of Oz is still a wonderful fairytale.

*To Be and How to Be,” by Peggy Rubin. Peggy is also a remarkable teacher with the purest heart. She and Jean were prime evocateurs of my spiritual growth in those Mystery School days.

*How Long is Now? By Timothy Freke. He pronounces his name “freak” and is a great stand-up philosopher. Lucid Living, written by this same author is another of my favorite books.


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