(Summary notes)
By Marjorie R. Barlow, 2008
These are my notes from a longer version of our growth toward consciousness. I have observed these turnings in thousands of clients over the past 40 years. Most of the people I have met in counseling were in a state of being asleep. By that, I mean their consciousness was still in the stage of belief that all that happened was being caused from the outside. There was little recognition that reality is generated from the inside. So, I invited them to come to some form of awakening through heightened awareness. The spiral moves in ever widening, higher turns. From Asleep all the way to Authenticity, growth was happening and consciousness expanding. I was honored to participate in that process. It was awesome and inspiring to witness.
ASLEEP: A state of ego protection. Persecutor-rescuer-victim roles. Defense mechanisms. Aloneness. Separation. FEAR (dark, negative forboding). Problems solved through control, comply, quit. Need to be right. Belief: Life is created from outside forces. Life is serious. Emotions responding to others behavior. (usually negative like mad or sad or powerless). The “pain body” is real (see Eckart Tolle’s books).

AWARE: The doorway to awakening is awareness. Through the senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch), we take in stimulus from our world, adding meaning based on past experience and learning.
Grasp of the clock of awareness (beliefs to thoughts to feelings to behavior). Awareness of the witness self. Participant-Observer expansion.

AWAKE: Presence. Now. Sensory and vibrational. Energy in motion.
Ability to leave the past and depression. Ability to give up worry about the future and its anxiety. Stillness. Reflection. Meditation.

ALIVE: A change in the meaning we give to outside events, places, people, and things. Growing sense of soul and purpose. Physical-emotional-mental-spiritual self ownership. Recognition that relationships are guides to aliveness. Transparent. Non-defensive. Non-controlling.

ATTRACTING: The power of intention. Thoughts, practiced again and again become beliefs. Belief: We magnetize to us what we think about, negative or positive. Taking charge of the journey. Joining the Triple A. Author, actor, and audience of one’s own life story. Creating the drama according to highest possibility, most magnanimous creating, and espousing abundance instead of scarcity.

ACCEPTING: The great peace. It’s all an “inside” job. Acceptance of what is. Letting go of control. Letting go of being controlled (compliance). Approaching the true meaning of love. Love is the warm acceptance of self, others, and the world just as it exists. Ownership of oneself, including 100% responsibility for beliefs-thoughts-feelings-behavior. Recognition that what comes from outside has been created from inside. Embracing voluntary simplicity.

AUTHENTIC: Soul incarnes into body. True self. Essence of Being. Unique and significant. One of a kind. One with all. One with Life. The many and the one. Values are life centered. Kyrotic time instead of Chronos.

ALL IN ALL: The Life Force of which we are all a part. Evolving the Universe.