The AMAZING Power of Deliberate Intent

The AMAZING Power of Deliberate Intent—Living the Art of Allowing by Abraham-Hicks is a book worth studying and reviewing over and over again.  I just started it once more for our morning reading time.  The sentiment in this book is exactly what I need to stay on track with my life.  I recommend it to you as a guidebook.  I copied some ideas from the book, paraphrasing to fit my life.  Hopefully, you will discover the benefit to you.  I have expressed the ideas in affirmation form.  Read, internalize, and enjoy:


I am an eternal Being and I understand the value of my Being.

I am fully cognizant of who I am.  I do not doubt my value or my worthiness.

I understand that life in this time-space reality is the Leading Edge of thoughts.

I know that I am coming into an environment that is stable. 

I know that well-being is the dominant order in the environment.

I know that this is an environment with a tremendous variety of interesting components.  I understand the Laws of the Universe and the basis of Creation.

 I am a Master Creator—I know it!


I like the experience of creating.  I know I am good at it.  I understand and I appreciate the law of attraction.  I know its fairness.  I appreciate its consistency.  I am eager to don this new perspective so that the environment that surrounds me can inspire my newest, best personal preferences and desires.  I understand the sensation of a fresh new desire.  I understand the Universal response to my fresh new desires.  I relish the feeling of desire summoning to me and through me.  I understand that this feeling of desire is the feeling of Life.


I do not worry about contrast for I understand its purpose.  I know that it is through my interaction with contrast and variety (as I exercise my free will) that my own desires will be formulated.  With no reservations whatsoever, I eagerly anticipate the new awareness of desire that is the inevitable result of this Leading-Edge participation in Life.


I come forth, not in the anticipation of the completion of anything—for I wisely remember the eternal nature of myself and “All-That-Is.”  I know that life will eternally expand, and that it is not my purpose—or the purpose of anyone—to complete it or finish it.  I understand that expansion is the natural result of my focus into contrast, because I know that contrast will cause me to ask.  I know when I ask, it is always given; therefore, I have no desire to avoid contrast, because I understand the focusing power of contrast.  I know that variety and contrast will cause me to determine the specifics of my personal preferences—big or small—each is answered in the moment it is born.  I appreciate my contrasting environment, which allows me to consciously experience the continuum of who I am.


I came here to Earth in this Lifetime, expecting to produce new desires.  I reclaim the eagerness and enthusiasm I felt for this joyous life experience when I entered this body and this time-space reality on January 23, 1929, at 4:36 p.m. near Ralls, TX, USA.  I did not come forth to fix something that was broken or to help re-direct a misguided world.  I did not come forth to prove my own worthiness or to earn a reward for efforts offered while here in my body…….I came here with full knowledge of my value and my worthiness.  (I am loved and cherished.  I cannot do wrong.  I have nothing to fear.)  I came with knowledge of the perfection of worlds—physical and non-physical—I came into a contrasting environment that I knew would produce fresh, new personal ideas and desires:  desires with the power to summon Energy, Consciousness, and All-That-Is forward into this new Leading-Edge creation.  I knew that I am Life in the process of living life, in the creation of more Life.


And—most important—I knew (and my eternal non-physical self still knows) that the reason for all of all of that——-is JOY.   


Today, I am celebrating my 84th birthday.  It is a very happy day.  These concepts are what I hold true and I am reminded of how they really do keep me on the path I want to travel through this life-span.  I close this post with gratitude for Abraham.  Every channeled word has been valuable in my learning.   Therefore, in my own words, once more, I affirm the joy of existence itself, the joy of caring, the joy of creating, the joy of evolving, the joy of playing, the joy of learning, the joy of loving, and the joy of working.  These joys show up in my life when I allow the rockets of desire spoken of by Abraham-Hicks.  Many times, I get clear about desires when I experience the contrast of what I don’t desire.  The guidance system is my emotions, so I pay attention to the flow of my emotions and when they take a down turn (usually starting with boredom), I have many actions I can take to propel me back into my natural state of joy.  I recommend my “Get Happy” cards of transformation when you experience negative emotion.  Joy is your birthright.  Pain is a given because it is a necessary signal that something is amiss.  Suffering is optional–a choice.  Happiness is optional–a choice.  Someone said it (and sang it) better than I can express it:  Don’t worry–Be Happy!