Susan Ahern–an “eesy woman”

Many of my workshops have golden nuggets of joy that stay with me forever.  One of those workshops was at beautiful Serenbe near Atlanta, GA.  The name of this incredible retreat center was created by the owners to reflect what the retreat allows:  BE SERENE.  I have had several wonderful events there and am always amazed and thrilled with the setting, the beauty, and the great food served at Serenbe.

Susan Ahern attended one of those workshops and became inspired to write her book.  In fact, she completed the first chapter and read it to us at the retreat!  This week, I heard from Susan and she is going on a solitary one woman retreat to finish the book.  I will let you know what happens!  Susan thanked me for being a source of inspiration and support.  That is what I love to do most–inspire and support.

In my morning meditation, I had two insights:  First, the clock is always pointing to NOW.  Byron Katie says this in her book, A Thousand Names for Joy.  What a really incredible thought–such freedom to be in the only time there is–now!  Reminds me to get back to the truth of Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now.  Time is our illusion and space is our vacuum; both time and space are ours to craft and create.  My second insight was to recall how many women I have been privileged to know and work with over my 83 year life time.  Many of these women are my mentees, my “inspirees”  so I think of them as my “eesy women.”  What is an eesy woman?  She is the Possible Woman who is willing to look forward and upward in her spiral of imagination, intuition, intellect, insights and invention.  She is any woman who gets beyond the strictures of past programming, and on to possibilities for the future.  She is the woman who will open up to inspiration and mentoring.

Susan Ahern is today’s example of the Possible Woman–and “eesy woman.”  She is willing to be mentored and willing to allow herself to be inspired.  Out of that wellspring is coming her new creation–her book.  I wish her well and am excited about the completion of the book.  Stay tuned!

Maybe you are looking for inspiration or mentoring?   Maybe you have a book to write?  Let me hear from you……