Stillheart and the poem, “You Are More”

My life was enriched last week with a retreat at a very lovely, luxurious, beautiful site in the redwood forest just outside of San Francisco.  My host, Cassie Schindler, had arranged with meticulous creativity a weekend of wellness for all the participants at Stillheart retreat center.  And, the women who attended were the kind I want for lifelong friends.  They came from all walks of life, in various states of wellness, and with open hearts as well as open minds and open wills.  Such powerful women they were, each one in her own way being totally present for this event.  Cassie’s theme was the Butterfly, emerging from the chrysalis.  And, emerge they did!  Many expert teachers were available, each one a leader in her field.  These women offered  energy healing and balancing, water aerobics instruction, yoga, drumming, Tarot reading, and even a session learning ballet.  All these gentle classes  along with organic food that was super delicious made it a weekend of pure delight.  Stillheart, itself, was a great soothing healing experience.   The grounds include a labyrinth and landscaping that was breathtaking.  The fountain at the entry, huge pieces of great art, the giant crystals on display and an array of amethyst geodes (the largest and most beautiful I ever had seen) beds, pillows, and accommodations that were heavenly all made for a restful and spiritual weekend.

I came back to Texas on a real mountain high with my heart full of joy.  My part on the program was a presentation on my new book, The Possible Woman Steps Up, and a book signing.  I ended my presentation with my standard, You Are More by Jean Houston.  It is such a powerful, empowering poem that I always get requests for a copy.  So I include it here in this post, with my gratitude to Cassie Schindler and my support of her work.  Cassie created a program she calls Stop, Balance, Go.  Her story is one of a genuine  emerging butterfly.  You can read about it on her website,

May I remind you that you can buy my books and download the free workbook at this website.  I am so grateful to my daughter, Anna Brown, for her excellent service as the person who takes your orders and fills them, sends them out to you, and keeps my records.  Thank you, Anna!  Your work is flawless and invaluable.

My teacher, Dr. Jean Houston, wrote this empowering poem, which I have changed a little:

You are More

You are more than you pretend to be

You are more than what most eyes can see

You are more than all your history

Look inside and you will find

There’s glory in your mind

Come be the kind of person you would be….

You are more than what your parents bred

You are more than what your teachers said

You are more than what’s inside your head

Be Aware!

You are more than what your leaders say

You are more than how you earn your pay

You are more than what you seem today

So drop that loser’s mask

You’re equal to the task

The question you should ask is who you are…..

You are more than what the preachers shout

You are more, come let your spirit out

You are more, your soul should have no doubt

Arise, become awake

With every breath you take

The person that is YOU within, will ache to be….

You are more than cell and blood and bone

You are more than just your name along

You are more than all that you may own

Look around you everywhere……There’s something that we share

The magic in the air…is you!

You are more than some statistic chart

You are more than the sum of all your parts

You are more inside your heart of hearts

You know that it is true

This being that is you

Has miracles to do    Believe!

Everybody stand

Take someone’s hand— and say with me,


We are more than what most eyes can see……

we are more than all our history…..

We WILL be the kind of people we can be!