Risk Management

A seven-step process to take charge of the fear of risk.

This process is cumulative and no single step can be skipped. It is the ultimate use of our connection to the powers of the quantum world of possibilities. These seven steps constitute the recipe for taking charge of your RISK management. They require a bold and fearless attitude. So make your dream as preposterous as you can and, if you decide you really want it, put yourself out there and just go for it!!


1.  Select a goal, a plan, a desire, something you want to be, do, or have. State the desire in specific and measurable terms. Get every detail in place. Write it down. Share it only with people who are supportive of you and your dreams.
Affirm (Say to yourself until you believe it): “I have the RIGHT to this possibility”.

2.  Get practical about what it takes to get to the goal. Do the necessary skills and knowledge acquisition for it to happen in real time. Go to school, get your sponsors, line up your support, doing whatever you can to facilitate the process. You supply the muscle; your creative intention supplies the magic.
Affirm: “I accept the RESPONSIBILITY for any action that is within my power”.

3.  Mentally picture it in your mind in the most positive form. Ignore and resist all negative internal responses. Meditate on it daily. The more vivid the imagery, the more likely the reality. Guard against doubt for any element of doubt will ultimately prevail. Stay with the delicious daydream. Enjoy it.
Affirm: “I mentally REHEARSE the outcome the way I want it to be”.

4.  Let go, let God, the Universe, your muse, or whatever your spiritual belief is, do the heavy lifting. Trust and have faith that you deserve this possibility. Let go of your need to control it. Allow grace to prevail. The law of mind is “whatever you think about will come about”. Gentle your thoughts, soften your emotions, and relax your body.
Affirm: “I wait patiently and I RELAX with patience as the harvest ripens”.

5.  Just as the seed is buried and dies to be born again, time will elapse while the birth approaches.
Affirm: “This is my REALITY. I am REALIZING my dream”.

6.  When the time arrives and the dream is made manifest, receive it joyfully, for it belongs to you. Like spring blossoms becoming fruit, projects reaching completion, like babies reaching their delivery, your dream will come forth in its due time.
Affirm: “I RECEIVE my REWARD and I REAP this harvest”.

7.  Celebrate the victory. Like the launch of a new ship, hold a party and a christening. Create an event, gather your friends, give a prayer of thanksgiving, write out your gratitude and feel your good fortune. Thank you notes are in order. Acknowledge all the help you have been given. Do something festive to mark the end of this process.
Affirm: “I REJOICE and I create this RITUAL to celebrate my great FORTUNE”.