New Year–New You

One more year has gone by.  Today, I am thinking ahead to this same date next year.  What will I be reviewing on January 9, 2010?  What did I accoomplish in 2009?  What was awesome and amazing?  Did I follow my muse?  Was I guided by my intuition?  What are on the lists of experiences?  The three main categories of lists are HAVING; DOING;  BEING.  As I look back in imagination over this year, 2009, what tangible items did I accumulate (HAVING); what did I accomplish (DOING); and what was my identity (BEING).

These are dreams, wishes, desires.  They are not resolutions or goals.  I am stating them in past tense, as if the desire was met.  This is my best method for manifesting what I want.  Try it, you may like it or some version of seeing what you want in virtual reality before it comes in actual reality.  Funny how I look back over my long life and see this in operation at all times.  What I think about does really come about.  It works with negative thought as well as positive.  Therefore, I am painting the most positive picture of 2009 as my mind will dream up.

The imagined dream:  I write on January 9, 2010:

In 2009, we successfully moved to 686 Clear Springs Hollow in Buda, TX, creating a new life of simplicity and environmental sustainability.  The house has great insulation, a rain barrel, a clothesline, a compost heap,  flower and vegetable plots, and a dry creekbed in the back yard with xerascaped grounds front and back.  It backs up to a greenbelt where we have planted acorns, chinaberry seeds, and any other tree that will grow in our climate.

I continued my work as a Strengths Coach and telephone counselor.  I listened and I reflected and I believed in the maximum development of each person I touched.  My own personal strengths were reviewed every morning with intentions to apply them to all my contacts.  I rehearsed before getting out of bed, the best version of myself that I could dream up every day.

My relationships evolved toward being more loving, kind, and caring.  They were as real and true as I could make them.  My beliefs, my thoughts, my feelings, and my behavior were in my awareness at all times.  I took responsibility for my creation of the spirit of all my relationships.

Money flowed freely and in great abundance.  We bought the new refrigerator, lawn mower, weed eater, water softener, mixer, coffee maker, seating, and office furniture for Paul.  We recycled old furniture and culled out unnecessary items, donating them to someone who needed them.  We studiously attempted to use what we had, give what we didn’t use, and protect the planetary resources in every day actions.  We purchased another car with careful attention to its environmental impact.  That car sits beside our Honda Civic Hybrid, which functioned nicely all year, getting 40 miles to the gallon or more.

My body responded well to healthy eating and good exercise.  I was aware and awake all year in my mind-my body-my spirit.  Paul and I practiced Qi Gong, Quantum Touch, Tama-Do exercises with sound-color-movement, and toning as learned from Don Campbell’s new book by that name.  Our chimes and massage table were used often all year.  We got to know our neighbors on our village walks and through our hospitality.

I joined a creative writing group and learned the real “how-to” of creating something interesting for people to read.  The flow of creative writing and speaking was awe-inspiring and easy.

We took trips to Tucson, a cruise to Alaska, and other pleasure journeys.  We kept all things running–house, cars, bodies, relationships.

Happiness was the norm in 2009.  I followed my lifelong compass of Joy, letting my emotional guidance system function to the maximum.  The 8 directions of this compass of joy meant that I was a loving, caring, playful, working, creative, evolving, and presencing human being.  I was full of gratitude, quick to express sorrow for wrong doings, and able to ask forgiveness as needed.

I learned this past year that I smile when I see my loved ones, when I am helped by anyone (clerks in stores), when I was contacted by my friends who allowed me to coach them, when I saw a beautiful sunset or sunrise, clear skies, stars, moon, and works of art made by humans.  Music brought joy and health.

I was amazed at the Life of People, Plants, Animals, Minerals, and all Atoms of expression of Being on this Planet in this Universe.  My awe has expanded.  My horizons into music, healing, self expression, and sacred knowledge is amazing and satisfying on my journey through this life, especially in this 80th year of my existence here.

I was inspired, amazed, and awed by the talents and beauty of our five children.  A new great grandchild entered our life this year (in June, 2009) joining our other precious great granddaughter.  All our children have grown and thrived throughout the year.  Their creativity continues to be phenomenol.  Our conversations were special as well as stimulating.  The transparency of beliefs-thoughts-feelings-behavior has evolved into these individuals.  They have taken responsibility for their lives and we have been included in their special events.  They have shared with us, trusted us, and loved us.

Altogether, looking back through the lens of future imagination, 2009 was one of our very best years here on Earth.  I am one woman living one life at one with all life.  My work with the Women’s Wisdom group was very meaningful and rewarding this year.  I returned to understanding the archetypal Goddesses in EveryWoman, first introduced to me by Jean Bolen.  As I continue into those juicy Crone years, I thought of my destiny in feminine form. As Madeleine Allbright said, “I like being a woman”.

So, I close this review of 2009 with reflection on my journey as a woman.  This past year, I did my best to expand and enjoy these roles I lived as a female.  My eight direction compass of Joy included these joyful and colorful goddess areas:

Persephone (girl child with new life and enthusiasm)                  SE-Red-Exist-“She Showed Up!”

Demeter (the mother part of me who listens & nurtures)             NW-Orange-Care-“She Listened Up.”
Artemus (the independent  woman who takes aim)                        SW-Yellow-Create-“She Opened Up.”
Aphrodite (loves and relates from the heart)                             NE-Green-Evolve-“She Continued to Grow Up”
Hera (the mate who had fun)                                                        W-Blue-Play-“She Stretched and She Lightened Up”
Athena ( follows her curiosity)                                               E-Indigo-Learn-“She Continued to Wise Up.”
Hestia (grasps the true meaning of connectedness)                   N-Violet-Love-“She Enjoyed Linking Up,”
Thosanustra (individual-holistic true purpose in life)                  S-Magenta-Work-“She Offered Up.”