November 2021 may be the month when the Covid-19 pandemic is a little less threatening.  I still wear a mask when I go out in public.  And, we are beginning the rebuilding of our lives around a future yet to be created. That thought excites me.  As I look toward completing this 10th decade of my life, there are many possibilities.  First, I am a learner–always.

In pursuit of new learning, I asked my friend, Dr. Mary Lou Holt, to do a past life regression hypnosis session for me.  Mary Lou is a psychologist, with depth expertise in hypnosis.  I trust her to guide me in explorations that give me more insight into my “self.”  The questions I ask everyone are the same I ask myself:  Who are you?  What could you be?  And, this time, I asked who have you been?  

My report about the hypnosis session follows:

As I went into a rather deep state, four people came forward. Two were from the 1800s….There was a 38 year old woman in the 1890s in Idaho who said her name was Pauline Brown and she lived in a crude farm cottage with meager furnishings.  She was stoic, persevering, and lived a short, hard scrabble life on a farm.      

Next, I had a vision of an eleven year old boy named Calvin.  He lived in Mississippi in 1850.  I saw a mercantile store with a man leaning against the front wall, his right foot raised to rest on the wall.  The boy was running an errand for the man, getting the reins and harness for his horse.

Another woman from 1917 spoke of gatherings, circles, connectedness, a temple of women producing something together with “ample horsepower”, and suggested to me, ” Don’t be afraid. “

And then came Hathor, the Egyptian goddess.   There was a strong impression that she wants to “show up.”  Her message had to do with women.

And that was the last scene from my hypnosis session where I asked to explore possible past lives.   

You can imagine the many afterthoughts that have come from this interesting session. I remembered going to Egypt with Paul in 2008.  Jean Houston organized and led our 18 day trip. We cruised the Nile, visiting many historic sites, one of which was Dendera, where we toured the Hathor temple, one of the best preserved temples in the country.  Hathor, the cow goddess,  wife of Horus, was also the goddess of love, joy, and beauty, 

Her temple was constructed and added to from about 116 BC to 34AD during the reign of Ptolemy VIII.  Our guide said the pillars at the front of the temple had been defaced by the early Christians.  There was a beautiful spiral staircase leading up to the roof where a small chapel is decorated with Hathor-headed columns.

This story about my explorations gives me much to think about. I still feel the call of working with women. I recall the wonderful Possible Woman trips, cruises, spa retreats, and seminars led by the late Linda Wind.  Our mission was to inspire women to become leaders in our world.  One specific mission was to get more women on boards of directors.  We created The Possible Woman Scholarship Fund and many other interesting and worthwhile projects.  Linda left the earth plane too soon.  I miss her and wish she were still here because she would have the creative leadership ideas to carry forward our work with women. 

My library has three shelves of books about women, ranging from Merlin Stone’s book, “When God Was A Woman” to “The Natural Superiority of Women,” by Ashley Montague.   And, my own books, Couples Night OutThe Possible Woman, and The Possible Woman Steps Up were written for women.  

My fun now comes with answering the questions, so what, now what?

I did the past life regression.   I am feeling some sort of charge.  I am ready for a new project.   

3 thoughts on “NEW POSSIBILITIES

  1. It’s wonderful to hear from you, Marjorie. Always the pioneer. Always the inspirer!

    I am still coaching, although less so. And I’m being a support to my sister who is in Assisted Living now here in Texas. What a monumental task it was to get her here. She and I are testimonies to lives lived differently. It’s quite the spiritual journey for me to support her. A book that guides me, as it is an easy fit, is Contented Dementia. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. And know that you continue to make a wonderful difference. Onward, Sister.

  2. Hello sweet friend. Thank you for your post and sharing your insights. What an absolutely beautiful experience!! I can only imagine the wonderful creations that will come from those who revealed themselves to you. I also look forward to the next best version and how you will continue to lift women up and clear the path to our rightful place. The possibilities are endless. I remembered that about life’s journey while working and learning with you. I miss those days and the connection.
    Thank you for who you are, a guiding light.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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