Here is our list of the books we are currently reading.  Our method is that we give over one to two hours daily to read into these books, one page or one paragraph at a time.  We read aloud to each other and sometimes spend time discussing the ideas.  Altogether, it feeds the “learner” talent in me and seems to appeal to the “maximizer” in both of us.  Enjoy and send me your feedback.

1.  Like a Tree by Jean Bolen

All about the importance of trees from their anatomy and physiology to their role as archetypal and sacred symbols.  Great wisdom here, especially for women evolving to their authenticity.


2.  To Be and How To Be by Peggy Rubin

Peggy’s knowledge of world culture, myth, symbols, combined with deep spiritual truths and her background in theatre make this very interesting and practical.  She has a gentle and encouraging way of teaching Sacred Theatre.  This book would give a group lots to do and would be worth doing over a long period of time.


3,  Healing At The Speed of Sound by Don Campbell and Alex Doman

Once more, Don Campbell teaches the way of sound and the healing power of music.


4.  The Steve Jobs Way by Jay Elliot gives a candid look at the genius of Steve Jobs.


5.  Deep Truth by Gregg Braden may be the most thought-provoking book we are reading now.  Worth a look for sure.  Reserve lots of time and deep insights regarding how science is “stuck.”


6.  Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen brings us to the brink of edge of psychology and to the twenty-first century as the luckiest people alive ever.  Moves us into the real spiritual evolutionary process.


7.  Journey of the Universe by Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker. A big story about how humans and the Earth can flourish together.


8.  Process Mind by Arnold Mindell.  A User’s Guide to Connecting with the Mind of God.  Deep and challenging.  Makes good sense.


9.  Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth,  We have the power and the means to live abundantly.  His emphasis on giving is what I like most.


10.  How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization by Amit Goswami.  All about the end of scientific materialism.  Consciousness conceives, constructs, and becomes biology.


11.  A Thousand Names for Joy by Byron Katie.  We are re-reading this one because it is so deep and every day brings insights into reality.  Learning to love what is.


12.  Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Wayne Dyer.  We are re-reading this on because it is his version of the Tao, which is a good partner for Byron Katie’s book.


13.  Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.  We are re-reading this one, too.  Very deep, very meaningful, and stretches us beyond the last century of our understanding of the human body.  The big turning point was the Human Genome Project.