How Was Your Day?

When someone asks me about my day, I get a thrill.  Same in reverse.  When I ask someone about their day, I get a thrill.  So, if I like to be thrilled, then I can reach out, touch someone, and together we can create something optimistic or pessimistic.  I really enjoy the answers to my questions.  Each person is so different, so unique, and represents a story in action.  Each holds unlimited possibilities.  Each one of us was generated by an energy field that knows only possibilities.  So, whatever I perceive, it becomes my reality.  When I engage with someone on a one to one basis, I can be interested, enthusiastic, and friendly. They can, too.  One person can make a huge difference.

All those someones come together in clusters called families, groups, teams, and tribes.  Tribes are about connections.  A group can become a tribe if there is a shared interest and a way to communicate that interest.  Facebook is one communication method that allows us to be together.  We form tribal connections.  When the tribe assembles, good things can happen.  I can use Facebook to ask, “How was Your Day?”  “What shared interest do we have?” “How can we communicate?”  I can use e-mail to reach out and communicate.  Telephones, texting, and who knows what else will be coming down the technical innovations pike?  Share Interest?  Communication.?  Possibility of a Tribe?  Let’s talk about it.