August 2011 Reading List

Paul and I have the luxury of time to study together.  We spend our morning breakfast time with more than granola, berries, and yogurt, which is what we eat.  Our second cup of tea or coffee is accompanied by reading aloud to each other from various books that we like.  Currently, these are our books of interest, in case you want to explore them.  With Internet help, you can find out about any book instantly, so enjoy looking at the reviews and descriptions of these, maybe finding one you want to dig into for yourself.

  • Dying Well by Ira Byock, a good book by a wise medical doctor who does hospice care.
  • Creating Your Best Life, a new positive psychology book by Mapp and Frisch,
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an old book with much wisdom from the Yogi traditions,
  • The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, an entertaining book by Edwene Gaines,
  • Veganist, a sobering book that has prompted my change in eating habits, by Kathy Freston,
  • The Bond, by Lynn McTaggart, all about how we are connected–not just to each other–but to the cosmos,
  • How Long is Now? by Tim Freke, a stand-up philosopher.  Great reading!
  • Many Ways to Say I Love You, by Mr. Rodgers.  This is a classic book for all of us, especially parents,
  • Like a Tree, by Jean Bolen.  Her newest book and a real inspiration to all women to save the earth,
  • A Thousand Names for Joy, by Byron Katie.  Her version of an ancient book of wisdom.  Profound!
  • The Shadow Effect, by three of my favorite authors: Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson,
  • The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton.  We are re-reading this book because we believe it is important.
  • To Be and How to Be, by Peggy Rubin.  I love this book.  Peggy is a marvelous, loving, caring teacher.
  • Who Have You Come Here to Be? by Bonario, Simmons, and Isola.  A beautiful book with deep meaning.

Our reading is a very special time of the day.  We read a paragraph or more of many of these books.  They are like visits from very good friends and the ideas start our day with good thoughts.