I remember the day I added Music to my list of health principles. My husband Paul and I were driving to a meeting. Neither one of us were in a mood to attend this event. My body was exhausted, my mind was tired and burnt out. Paul had had a stressful week and he also was less than enthusiastic. My head burned, my eyes were dull, my conversation had degenerated to grunts and groans. My throat was getting scratchy, and my body was sending me flu-like symptoms. True to our habit of being dependable, we pressed on, taking our bodies for granted without much awareness or regard. In an attempt to help, I searched for a tape to play on the car stereo system. I chose Don Campbell’s audio cassette tape entitled, “Heal Yourself With Your Own Voice”. We began to listen and to follow Don’s instructions for toning. He told us to use our voice to “tone” the vowels. Paul joined me in a loving act of support for my caterwauling. There we were, driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour, howling “AAAAAAAA-EEEEEEE-IIIIIIII-OOOOOO-UUUUUUUU”, and we began to laugh. We continued through the entire tape, following instructions to the letter. Fifty miles down the road, to my amazement, my energy returned full strength. Paul reported the same effect. Our mood had shifted toward positive, but more than that, a mysterious shift had taken place in my physical feelings. My throat didn’t feel sore, my flu symptoms were gone, my head had cleared, and my body felt great. We were both transformed into the prime of good, healthy body and mind and spirit. We were into a special new kind of intimacy. We had changed in a profound way. The results were that we actually enjoyed the meeting. We drove home in a nice, mellowed out state. In addition, the power of the effect lasted several days. Read more...


From my long ago journal, copied on April 26, 2005

What’s wrong with using control, dishonesty, entrapment, and manipulation in my relationships? It’s what was done when I was a little thing. I learned it well.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last….Winston Churchill Read more...


A song from my past
was “Accentuate the Positive; Eliminate the Negative”. One of the lines said, “Don’t mess with Mister In-Between”. We have had many years of remediation of weaknesses, attempting to eliminate the negative. We look at the negative and follow a disease model where we catch people when they are wrong. If pointing out mistakes was effective, how many parents would never repeat themselves when they say, “Stop doing that!” The unfortunate truth is that whatever that parent wanted the child to stop is probably now going to be done again. If nothing else, the child now knows how to get the parents’ attention. Read more...

“Shades of Dionysus!”

Another Thosanustra Moment
On July 14, 2003
1001 The Cliff House in Corpus Christi, TX

waiting for hurricane Claudette, which never really showed up.

Just had a shower and am sitting at Mother’s little white desk, thinking about her death in January of this year. These words came like a stream of consciousness: Read more...