August 2011 VACATION

What a beautiful word–“vacation.”  We are going on vacation.  We will vacate our house for a short time.  Our daughter, Anna, will house sit, making it possible for us to leave.  We are going to relax, rest, reinvigorate, renew, restore, replenish, and all those “re” words that mean making a new start.  To get away, to let go of the daily work routine, to have a change of pace, and to refresh ourselves in mind, body, and spirit–that is what vacation means to me.



(Posted on July 30, 2008)

Do you ever wake in the night and get caught in circular thinking? Are you ever facing a trip, a presentation, a big event and find that, even though you need to sleep, you cannot turn it off? Does your mind turn on an inner critic in the night?