One of my pneumonic devices is the “Clock of Awareness”, where I ask people to think about Beliefs-Thoughts-Feelings-Behavior and get the connectedness between these four mental constructs.

Another device is “The Spiral of Consciousness” where I look at human growth and development as turns of the spiral.  I labeled these with words,  all beginning with the letter A.  See them moving up and expanding from Asleep to Aware To Awake to Alive to Attracting to Allowing to Authenticity–seven rounds of growth.  Today, I am considering that these are also development of talents.  As we add skills and knowledge, we move up and out.   It makes a great beginning of conversation, which is the best outcome possible.  To communicate with another person about ideas and thoughts is my best engagement socially.  We talk, we listen, we enjoy ideas and possibilities.  From that gestation, we grow and we become more of who we really are (which is a good thing).  So, here is today’s concept of talents developing through the Spiral of consciousness as it seems to show up in our Awareness (Beliefs-Thoughts-Feelings-Behavior).  Let me know what you think!


June 14, 2010: Some thoughts about us Human Beings

“The Aim and Purpose of human life is the Unitive Knowledge of God”–Aldous Huxley

“A sense of separation from God is the only lack you need correct.”–A Course in Miracles

In the book, Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhauerman, ask these questions: