Who Am I Now?

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October 28, 2018

I have not posted here in several years.  I spent the last three years care taking my husband, Dr. Paul Barlow, who passed away July 21, 2018.  I have been working through my grief and planning my future.




  • Notice your feelings. FEELINGS are your best guide toward success. Feelings reveal what is going on inside you and when they are negative, that is your signal to wake up. Get on track! You have lost your way.   Your emotions are your EGS—your Emotional Guidance System.
  • Face the face in the mirror. MIRROR-acles are in store when you learn to do mirror work. I strongly encourage you to look at that face in your mirror and unconditionally tell her that you love her. Louise Hay has pioneered mirror work.
  • Speak lovingly to the face in the mirror. JOURNAL into your mirror. Instead of writing in your journal, speak to the image in the mirror all that you would have written. Do this at night as a closing ceremony to the day. Do it in the morning as a way of setting up a day of joy. The reason for this exercise is to cultivate your own Pocket Grandmother, the voice of unconditional love. Practice accepting yourself warmly and affectionately. You can become the Sophia voice.
  • Accentuate the positive. DARE to go one week without criticism of self or others, no blaming, fault-finding, no negative talk, and no orders-commands-directions-requests. Just one week of taking yourself into a different reaction. This will get you some base-line data regarding those you live with and profess to love. AND, you will discover the path to your own self-love and self-forgiveness.
  • Take responsibility for your life. Join the AAA: You are the AUTHOR-ACTOR-AUDIENCE in your own life drama. You came to planet Earth to create yourself in the slow journey of one lifetime.
  • Use your power. CREATIVITY is your divine right. REACTIVITY is your ego struggling to win. Your internal Pocket Grandmother is your creative self in its full divine possibility.
  • Eliminate the negative. Don’t compare; don’t blame; and stop trying to understand why. Cherish yourself; love yourself; create yourself.
  • Claim the power of love. Self-Love and self-forgiveness will clear the way for you to create your very highest and best Self.
  • Love is without conditions. Loving others is easy when you love yourself unconditionally. As I have said before: “It is easy to love others when they ‘act right.’ The stretch into your growth comes when your love has no conditions.”
  • Get real with your internal projector. The outside world is your mirror. Those around you reflect what you are. When you don’t like them, you probably haven’t accepted yourself (for “they” will do what they do. Your reaction is the signal that it has something to do with you.) Projection is everything. It is all generated from within you. Your perceptions create your projections. Remember my scripture on this: “Whatsoever thing thy neighbor doeth that rattleth thy cage, ringeth thy bell, pulleth thy chain, or pusheth thy button, that thing hath more to do with thee than with thy neighbor. But, take heart, thy neighbor doeth thee the favor of revealing what is still within thee that needeth thy attention!”
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    Crossing the River of Change


    Note from Marj:  Many of you know how I love the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.  I first heard him at the “Crossings” here in Austin.  He was on the program with Lynn McTaggart who wrote The Field.  Also, I had seen him in the movie, What the Bleep Do we Know?   His books, Evolve Your Brain and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself were excellent.  And now, I am studying his latest book, YOU ARE THE PLACEBO.  Today, I read in that book the following excerpt.  I believe it is totally worth your time to read it carefully.  His work is phenomenol, in my opinion.  This is very good!!  Enjoy: Read more...


    “To learn, to remember, and to experience is our gift as human beings.

    We are changed.  To stop learning is to stop changing.

    When we demonstrate what we have learned, the universe will never leave us behind.  Our change is our own evolution. “             Read more...

    Hardwiring Your Brain for Happiness

    We are hardwired to be negative!  Do you believe that statement?  I am investigating the ways in which I have a sort of knee-jerk response to whatever comes my way.  I have embraced a self-development course that I call “Merciless Self Awareness.”  What I have discovered about myself fits all that I read regarding our reptilian brain.   That is the part of the brain where we are thick-skinned and cold blooded in our effort to survive.  Survival requires vigilance, alert suspicion, and high stress to avert possible predators.   Just like reptiles, we want the habits of comfort and predictability.   And, just like reptiles, our brains are hardwired to fight, flight, freeze, or die. Read more...