About Me

Dr. Marj Barlow has had more than 40 years of experience as a teacher, mentor, counselor, therapist, and relationship coach. She and her husband Paul have not only a successful and joyful 40 year marriage but are good friends with their five adult children.

At this age and stage of her life, Marj enjoys being a change agent who provides a sounding board, bringing you as a unique individual to your own potential—realizing your unexplored and unexpressed possibilities. She is a good role model for women and has served as a developmental advisor to corporate management teams.

Who is Thosanustra?

Thosanustra is an archetype. Archetypes are patterns from life. Mother is an example of a universal pattern–an archetype. The word (Thosanustra) came to me in an exercise led by Dr. Jean Houston. It has meaning to me, so I use it to collect anything I deem to be motherly. Over the years, my “Thosanustra” file has become a repository for creative, loving ideas. She is my pseudonym for writing out my thoughts. Thosanustra is a nom de plume, an alias, an imaginary assumed name, and she speaks for me.

Pocket Grandmother

Pocket Grandmother is the embodiment of the Mother archetype. She is Demeter, the Virgin Mother, Eve, and all Mothers-Grandmothers-and Great Grandmothers from past, present, and future thought forms. She lives “outside the box” in a state of joy. She is nurturing, inventive, and responsive. She is caring, aware, playful, empathic, creative, and loving. Like my own mother, she is not judgmental and she can go “with the flow”.

The Possible Woman

The Possible Woman is a new model. She is a healthy, whole, female human being with a positive, internal sense of self, capable of many expressions of her talents. Her talents are defined as her aptitudes, capacities, and abilities. When her talents are given expression, she brings her unique contribution to the world through achievements based in her original one of a kind design. The Possible Woman and The Possible Woman Steps Up books are available for purchase.

When We Talk

These are my intentions:

  • To listen to your story and to help you create your life in its most positive development, which I call joining the AAA.  You are the Author, the Actor, and the Audience of your life story.  You can write the script, create the drama, and enjoy the play;
  • To focus only on you and your highest potential, not some ideal that someone else may want you to be;
  • To bring forth your significant and individual uniqueness. I am not there to judge or evaluate your style. You are one of a kind, not to be changed, but to be maximized.
  • To help you be aware of how to put your natural talents to work in your daily life.
  • To be one who supports you as you live out your best contribution to your self, to others, and to the world.

What I do for my clients:

  • Connecting with Marj, a Wise Grandmother who can help you get your life story into a form you can live with
  • Life and Career Development. Life design.
  • Awareness of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors.
  • Becoming your very best self. Maximizing your possibilities.
    • Following your unique spiral of growth and development in the most positive way.
    • Taking stock and taking charge of your life. Creating your life long compass of joy.
    • Making changes or staying put.
  • Relationship enhancement.
  • Understanding your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.
  • Owning your power.
    • Finding your strengths.
    • Using your talents.
    • Applying your aptitudes.
    • Conscious Intending.
    • Goals and expectations.
    • Formula for success.

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