My Daddy

Odie B. McNeely (1898-1988)

I think I was in my Mother’s belly when I first became attuned to the sound of my Father’s voice and sensitive to his moods. He was the dominant force in my early hypnotic* childhood years. I don’t know when he first yelled at me or hit me with a swat of his hand to my backside. I was told that I was spanked when I stepped in a mud puddle at about the time I learned to walk.



Crossing the River of Change


Note from Marj:  Many of you know how I love the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.  I first heard him at the “Crossings” here in Austin.  He was on the program with Lynn McTaggart who wrote The Field.  Also, I had seen him in the movie, What the Bleep Do we Know?   His books, Evolve Your Brain and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself were excellent.  And now, I am studying his latest book, YOU ARE THE PLACEBO.  Today, I read in that book the following excerpt.  I believe it is totally worth your time to read it carefully.  His work is phenomenol, in my opinion.  This is very good!!  Enjoy:


Hardwiring Your Brain for Happiness

We are hardwired to be negative!  Do you believe that statement?  I am investigating the ways in which I have a sort of knee-jerk response to whatever comes my way.  I have embraced a self-development course that I call “Merciless Self Awareness.”  What I have discovered about myself fits all that I read regarding our reptilian brain.   That is the part of the brain where we are thick-skinned and cold blooded in our effort to survive.  Survival requires vigilance, alert suspicion, and high stress to avert possible predators.   Just like reptiles, we want the habits of comfort and predictability.   And, just like reptiles, our brains are hardwired to fight, flight, freeze, or die.


What Floats Your Boat?

Here is something to keep your mind busy for a little while.  I used this exercise in 2002 and ran across it today, so I wanted to share with you.  Enjoy!  Take my ideas and create your own ocean and your own ships.  I am speaking of relationships with self and others.


THE WIZARD OF US by Dr. Jean Houston

Dr. Jean Houston is someone I admire.   We (Paul and I) are now studying her new book, The Wizard of Us, and I am re-living all those wonderful times when we were part of Jean’s creation, The Possible Society.  We were Dorothy with magic ruby red slippers, following the yellow brick road, and reaching for our own courage, heart, and brain.  We really were not in Kansas any more!