My love of books, stories, and good drama means that when I am in a book store or movie theatre, I am like a kid in a candy store.  I remember a silent retreat several years ago at Lebh Shomea, a Christian community located near Sarita, TX.  The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate created a contemplative-eremitical lifestyle on this South Texas ranch, which was given as a legacy by Sarita Kenedy East.  Hermitage style cabins, good food, solitude, deep silence and many places for meditation and prayer are part of the retreat….. AND they have a library that covers the entire main floor of the Big House.  When Sister Marie took me to the closet where she had just opened a box of brand new books from Shambala publishers, she told me I could have them all to myself for my entire stay if I wanted.  I felt that same feeling I experienced in childhood when Grandpa Kiker would walk with me down to Mr. Stroud’s corner store in Canyon, TX.  I was allowed to gather several penny candies from the glass jars, all to devour for my very own.  For me, all my life, learning is the sweet stuff of my existence.  No wonder one of my top five Gallup strengths is “Learner.”