August 2011 VACATION

What a beautiful word–“vacation.”  We are going on vacation.  We will vacate our house for a short time.  Our daughter, Anna, will house sit, making it possible for us to leave.  We are going to relax, rest, reinvigorate, renew, restore, replenish, and all those “re” words that mean making a new start.  To get away, to let go of the daily work routine, to have a change of pace, and to refresh ourselves in mind, body, and spirit–that is what vacation means to me.



August 2011 Reading List

Paul and I have the luxury of time to study together.  We spend our morning breakfast time with more than granola, berries, and yogurt, which is what we eat.  Our second cup of tea or coffee is accompanied by reading aloud to each other from various books that we like.  Currently, these are our books of interest, in case you want to explore them.  With Internet help, you can find out about any book instantly, so enjoy looking at the reviews and descriptions of these, maybe finding one you want to dig into for yourself.



Bruce Lipton, MD said his life changed when he realized that his identity was not to be found inside his body but in the “field” outside his body.  I like to stretch my thinking to realize that my spirit exists outside my body and that my body is not who I am.