KINSHIP, a poem by Angela Morgan


I am aware, 

As I go commonly sweeping the stair, 

Doing my part of the every-day care — 

Human and simple my lot and my share —
I am aware of a marvelous thing:
Voices that murmur and ethers that ring
In the far stellar spaces where cherubim sing. 

I am aware of the passion that pours 

Down the channels of fire through Infinity's doors;
Forces terrific, with melody shod.
Music that mates with the pulses of God. 

I am aware of the glory that runs 

From the core of myself to the core of the suns.
Bound to the stars by invisible chains.
Blaze of eternity now in my veins.
Seeing the rush of ethereal rains 

Here in the midst of the every-day air — 

I am aware. 

I am aware,
As I sit quietly here in my chair.
Sewing or reading or braiding my hair — 

Human and simple my lot and my share —
I am aware of the systems that swing 

Through the aisles of creation on heavenly wing,
I am aware of a marvelous thing: 

Trail of the comets in furious flight, 

Thunders of beauty that shatter the night,
Terrible triumph of pageants that march
To the trumpets of time through Eternity's arch. 

I am aware of the splendor that ties 

All the things of the earth with the things of the
Here in my body the heavenly heat.
Here in my flesh the melodious beat
Of the planets that circle Divinity's feet. 

As I sit silently here in my chair, 

I am aware.


Lawson Paul Robinson

June 12, 2009 was a wonderful day in the life of our family.  Our first great-grandson was born.  Paul was been moved to tears when he was told that this new baby would have his name.  Lawson is the middle name of Garold Brooks, the other great-grandfather He is the first cousin to Reilly Morgan Aguilar, our first great-granddaughter.  What a terrific world we live in, where families get to know each other from the early beginnings.  Reilly has been a source of great joy and comfort, especially watching her Mother Melissa as she patiently guides and teaches her.  Ricky seems to be always cheerful and happy as her father.  He, too, is very loving and wonderfully encouraging.   Grandmother Janice is the pivot around which it all turns.  She is a magnificent Mother and Grandmother to these young ones.  And, the granddad, Mike, is an anchor for the whole family.  He has been that for most of his life.   I wish he could know how much he is loved and treasured.


Laurence Hillman in Texas: Sept. 23-25, 2009

My favorite archetypal astrologer, Laurence Hillman, will be holding a workshop in Wimberley, TX next September 23-25, 2009.  If you are interested in looking at yourself in deeper ways, with lots of metaphor to “stretch” and grow your Self, this is a workshop you will want to take.  Call or e-mail me if you have questions or need more information.  Here is the description and directions for registration:



LMNOP  (I love the alphabet)

I had a really big experience this week.  Interface Flor brought me in to New York for some workshops on “How Full Is Your Bucket?”    The Interface showroom is a beautiful facility with great design and all the stunning new products displayed.  That, in itself, was a treat.  The new carpet tiles are so beautiful and still are meeting the Zero Footprint goal of environmental Sustainability.  Congratulations to David Oakey and his design team.  I especially admired the pattern called “Vermont”.  Beautiful!!