Pocket Grandmother is a concept in your own mind. She represents the challenge of taking charge of your own growth and development, in the kindest method you can imagine.  She is your internal nurturing caring grandparent, who accepts, appreciates, allows, and anticipates good in your life. She sees you through kind, loving eyes, gently being present without fear. She is that part of your thoughts that unconditionally loves you. She is your ‘Glinda, the good witch from the north,’ and she will never do negative criticism nor will she chastise you. She is always present, and she may be sometimes amused by your thoughts of lack or need. She helps you fulfill your desires.


My Daddy

Odie B. McNeely (1898-1988)

I think I was in my Mother’s belly when I first became attuned to the sound of my Father’s voice and sensitive to his moods. He was the dominant force in my early hypnotic* childhood years. I don’t know when he first yelled at me or hit me with a swat of his hand to my backside. I was told that I was spanked when I stepped in a mud puddle at about the time I learned to walk.



Books, Books, Books

January, 2015 Reading List

One of our most cherished rituals is our morning “table time.” Paul and I read to each other from several books. We close our time with meditation. It is a very good way to begin the day. Here is what we are reading this week:


Is Optimism the Key to Developing Leadership?

Q&A from American Society of Interior Designers, prior to their summit in Atlanta, GA.   Written April 25, 2014

By Marjorie R. Barlow, Ph.D., Counselor, Consultant, and Coach, Interface, Inc.

With what anyone would describe as a full career already behind her, Marjorie Barlow began her work with Interface in 1996, as a part of Ray Anderson’s Executive Leadership Team. Barlow holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and a master’s in Psychology from Texas A&I University, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Barlow, a Certified Strengths Coach, will present at the ASID Design to Lead Summit taking place May 2–3 in Atlanta. She will lead attendees through the StrengthsFinder process to help participants identify their strengths and grow as leaders.


Buckets, Dippers, and Games People Play



Part of my fun is synthesizing theories and ideas. Long ago, I wrote about the synthesis of Rational Emotive Therapy, by Albert Ellis and Transactional Analysis. My mind is always exploring the connectivity of opposites and I look always for how ideas meld together to bring us to a better place, a higher level of understanding. Today, I want to combine and coordinate Transactional Analysis and Strengths theories. This is fun to reach for some sort of synthesis, so I invite you to hang in and go on an exploratory journey of ideas.